‘Scream 7’: Release Window, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know About Ghostface’s Next Haunt

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Few horror franchises, let alone film franchises in general, can claim to have the illustrious track record that the Scream films have. That fact is even more impressive, given that the original movie from 1996 was intended as a satire of the slasher sub-genre. In satirizing traditional tropes in Slashers, legendary horror filmmaker, Wes Craven crafted a film that successfully mocked cliches while also being a legitimately great horror film.

That trend continues in the sequels, which is the place where even the most self-aware horror franchises tend to stumble. Scream 2 repeatedly references cash-grab sequels, Scream 3 tackles the dangers of franchising, and Scream 4 asks if long-running franchises can endure over time. The only real misstep the franchise has ever faced is Scream: The TV Series, but we’ll pretend that never happened.

Fans of the long-running series were apprehensive when a fifth screen film was announced, mainly because Wes Craven had unfortunately passed on by that point. Those fears proved unwarranted as the Scream requel from 2022 breathed new life into the series while also honoring its cultural significance. Scream VI also faced some flack when it was announced that franchise star Neve Campbell would not be reprising protagonist Sidney Prescott following a pay dispute with the studio. Campbell’s absence was a shame, but Scream VI was still a remarkable sixth installment that slayed at the box office.

Now, the franchise is set to return again with Scream 7, with a new filmmaker at the helm. To learn more about the next Ghostface killing spree and its cast, director, plot, and more, here is everything we know about Scream 7.

When is Scream 7 Coming Out?

Scream 7 was initially expected to release sometime in 2024, continuing the annual release schedule set up by Scream 2022 and Scream VI. A 2024 release is still possible, but production is off to a bit of a delayed start. Not only was there the unexpected departure of Radio Silence as the directors but filming likely won’t be able to start until the ongoing SAF-AFTRA and WGA strikes are officially resolved.

Where Can You Watch Scream 7?

Odds are Ghostface will want to play their usual horror movie trivia games on the big screen, especially given the almost unprecedented box office success of Scream VI. The sixth installment miraculously became the highest-grossing film in the entire franchise with $108 million, becoming the first and only entry to surpass the box office record of $103 million that the original film holds. Given how financially successful the latest film was, it seems almost unthinkable that Paramount would not release Scream 7 in theaters.

Speaking of Paramount, a streaming release after the practically guaranteed theatrical run is more than probable. Scream 7 will almost definitely join the other six entries on Paramount+ eventually.

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